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Choose Your Keywords (And Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI) Well

Social media is very powerful. If somebody talks about you and your site, chances are, you will be remembered the next time they search for an item or information related to your site. This is why you have to choose your keywords well. There is no hit or miss her. They must all be fully vetted. What good are keywords if nobody actually uses them to search?

A good keyword will also have related keywords or latent semantic indexing (LSI) that will identify it as the same. Make use of these words, too, to increase website ranking and search engine traffic. Your keywords do not exist in a vacuum. There are words related to them that some people will use and wouldn’t it be nice if these LSI will also lead to your site?

The way to make money blogging and online is to have as many visitors as you can. Visibility and presence is key. But what happens when they get to your site and it looks spammy? What happens when they see that there are so many ads that are not even related to what your site is about. Your bounce rate will be high as they won’t spend a single minute longer and just go to another site. The key is also to provide your visitors with good content. If they’ve read it already somewhere or if you do not credit “facts and figures”, it is not believable. Do not lose your visitors with poorly thought of keywords!


When you get linked the right way - you are catapulted into success!