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Can viral videos work for you too?

First and foremost, understand your audience and how it operates on Facebook, even more so when using viral video methods on Facebook. Without knowing your target audience it will be difficult to get them to take action. Facebook marketing is different from your regular online marketing because it thrives on relationships, and you have to know who you are dealing with.

Each niche has very specific needs and information they are searching for, and you have to find that out. What you will find is old information that is evergreen about them and perhaps new knowledge.

If somebody takes out the time to connect with you on your Facebook wall, respond back. We know of successful Facebook marketers who only spend about 15 minutes a day there – but they are there everyday.

All any kind of social media marketing is about is forming rapport with one’s niche audience. And show them that you do stand by them at all times, whether they need help or are just trying to appreciate your new product. This is how you take feedback seriously, and this is how you create long term relationships with your target audience.

All marketing methods and sites require you to do something unique, and Facebook is no exception to this rule. One thing that so many web marketers do is they tend to have the wrong mindset about what they are doing. There are very serious businesses with a presence at Facebook; the largest corporations in the world. When big businesses realized the potential and value Facebook offers, they jumped onto it and started to build their presence. Think about this, what can be so hard about being friendly to people and talking to them? If you are not already marketing on Facebook, then you seriously have to get up to speed with it. You want to avoid flying in the dark, or marketing in the dark, which makes it essential to get more facts. So then you will make Facebook an important part of your business whether you are online or offline. But remember you must be serious about it to be effective. Never procrastinate on the information you read, and by the way do learn more if you need it.

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